"Caves to Canvas"  Art Gallery this Thursday!  Our classroom has been transformed into a busy art studio.  Students are working hard to create their masterpieces.  Your child is excited to be your docent and share their expertise with you this Thursday.  Our scheduled class time is from 8:30-9 but the Art Gallery opens at 8 and will stay open through the morning so if you need to come at a different time please let me know.   We are looking forward to sharing our art with you!  

Halloween Fun!

Thank you so much to Ms. Scherman and Ms. White for planning a fun filled Fall Observance last week.  It was great to see so many happy readers in the morning.  The students enjoyed decorating cookies, eating all of the snacks and playing games before the Halloween Parade.  It was a fun filled day!  
Monsters Picasso Style
Thank you PFA for the pumpkin craft!
Click on the picture tab on the top of this page to see more pictures!  
Celebrating Another October Birthday!
Students were able to observe artist Mark Brown painting at LJA.

You are Invited

Fall Harvest Celebration this WEDNESDAY 


Halloween/Fall Book Reading with Parents and Friends
Activity Planned by Mrs. White & Mrs. Scherman 

Halloween Parade around the Loop

Parents are invited to come to the classroom and read with their child on Thursday.   The PFA is providing cider and cupcakes for students to enjoy. Coffee and bagels will be available for parents.  Our classroom celebrations are going green so please bring your own coffee mug if you would like to have a cup of joe!    

*Your child may come dressed in his/her costume and change after the parade or they may stay in costume for the remainder of the day.   If your child has a favorite Halloween or Fall book please have them bring it to school.  Students may also bring a towel if they want to sit outside on the lawn to read.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!  

Save the date 
"From Caves to Canvas" Art Museum 
November 9th-
8-8:30 Ms. Tanaka's Class
8:30-9:00  Ms. Thomas' Class
9:00-9:30  Ms. Everest's Class 

Check out our Calder class mobile and wire sculptures! 

Students are loving the Wonderopolis website.  We check  out the site early in the morning and leave a comment.  The students are delighted when the wonderful people at Wonderopolis respond back to us.  Yeterday we learned about the word "viral" and watched "Caine's Arcade".  Caine truly inspired all of us and we saw so many of the Learner Profile and Attitudes.  Students said he was committed, creative, and a risk taker.   See the video below.  
If you have a chance  check out Wonderopolis, a site that celebrates learning and wondering.   Help your child comment on the Wonder of the Day.  Your child can even nominate a Wonder.  Wonderopolis is easy to get to, just click on the websites on sqworl at the top of this page and you will see a link button to the site.  
Celebrate curiosity, learning and wonders with Wonderopolis! 
Students had fun learning about Alexander Calder's exciting mobiles and stabiles. They created organic symmetrical shapes to add to wires and then used teamwork and problem solving skills to make a group mobile.  We put the group mobiles together to make one class mobile.  Our class mobile will be on display at the Grade 2 Art Gallery on November 8th.
Please save the date!
We had a fantastic time at the Honolulu Art Museum!  There was so much art to see- Monet, Picasso, Pollock, O'Keefe, some surrealism, abstract art,  sculpture,  and lots of portraits.  We enjoyed using our iPads to take pictures of all of the amazing art.  You should have received a Free Pass to the Museum in the Friday envelope.  The museum has had a facelift and the galleries are striking!  I hope you are able to plan a visit soon.  Thank you to Zach's mom and Merrick's mom for chaperoning!  
We are excited to go to the Art Museum tomorrow! Please have your child wear a blue LJA shirt. If they do not have a blue LJA shirt any LJA shirt is fine.
Happy birthday popsicles, perfect treat for today!
Inspired by Piet Mondrian
Wondering about Surrealism...
We are learning so much about different artists and different styles of art.  Ask your child to tell you about Piet Mondrian, Brice Marden, Jackson Pollock and Surrealism. After viewing lots of surrealistic art students brainstormed adjectives to describe what they saw.  They came up with unusual, silly, playful, a little scary, weird, funny and puzzling.  Most of all we decided this kind of art really makes you observe and wonder about the message that is being communicated. 

 We are looking forward to  our field trip to the Honolulu Art Museum this Thursday where we will see artwork and look carefully at how it is presented.  Thank you to Zach's mom and Merrick's mom for volunteering to chaperone.  
Please have your child wear a blue LJA shirt and bring their snack in a disposable bag.  

Remember to save the date for our Caves to Canvas Art Gallery on the morning of November 8th.  
Word Study Update
A fantastic site for word study practice is Spellingcity.com.  I have a link to spellingcity.com set up on our class newsletter under websites on sqworl.  Just click on the link and it will take you to the website.  
Once you get to the site, go to the teacher search and search for Kathy Thomas at LeJardin Academy.  I have word lists built on the site that will help students practice the word patterns and phonograms we are focusing on.  There are games, spelling tests, and a variety of different ways for students to practice spelling words.  Please check out this site and see what it has to offer!
In math we are continuing to learn about shape and space and how it relates to art.  Please have your child continue to study math facts at home. 

I am having problems with the calendar portion of this site.  I am working on embedding my calendar so that you can check on upcoming dates. It doesn't consistently appear.   
I apologize for the inconvenience.  

Thanks so much for your continued support!  
Two great apps to use when practicing spelling are SkyWrite and Word Wizard.
SkyWrite is free and students practice spelling words in the sky. An airplane traces around the writing in the sky.
The second app is Word Wizard. Word Wizard costs $2.99. Students spell the words and a voice sounds out the letters as they are being placed on the screen. Parents can also make a customized spelling list and then a voice gives the test and the user spells the word with tiles. We are using both these apps in the classroom. They may also be available on smartphones.
There are lots of ways to have your child practice spelling at home. SkyWrite and Word Wizard are just two of the ways we practice in the classroom. Our first Word Check up is this Thursday- D day. Word Wizards must be able to spell their words correctly and use them in a complete detailed sentence. A new word list will be sent home this week.
A birthday celebration, guinea pig guests and learning about Wassily Kandinsky were today's highlights!
Happy Birthday!
The guinea pigs were great classroom visitors.
Wassily Kandinsky inspired us to create our own amazing abstract art!
Have a great 3 day weekend and I hope you get to explore and discover something new on Discoverer's Day!
Our new unit is well underway! We are learning about Monet and Impressionism. First we took our Wonder Books outside and sketched nature. Then we expressed ourselves in the style of Monet. Ask your child to tell you what they know about Monet. What was his inspiration and what was different about his style? Next,, we head to the Media Center tomorrow to learn about the artist Andy Warhol.

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