Students are loving the Wonderopolis website.  We check  out the site early in the morning and leave a comment.  The students are delighted when the wonderful people at Wonderopolis respond back to us.  Yeterday we learned about the word "viral" and watched "Caine's Arcade".  Caine truly inspired all of us and we saw so many of the Learner Profile and Attitudes.  Students said he was committed, creative, and a risk taker.   See the video below.  
If you have a chance  check out Wonderopolis, a site that celebrates learning and wondering.   Help your child comment on the Wonder of the Day.  Your child can even nominate a Wonder.  Wonderopolis is easy to get to, just click on the websites on sqworl at the top of this page and you will see a link button to the site.  
Celebrate curiosity, learning and wonders with Wonderopolis! 

11/01/2012 12:17pm

Thanks for including us on your site, Mrs. Thomas! We really enjoy WONDERing with your students-- it's such a great way to use our imaginations in and out of the classroom! :-)


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