Celebrating Another October Birthday!
Students were able to observe artist Mark Brown painting at LJA.

You are Invited

Fall Harvest Celebration this WEDNESDAY 


Halloween/Fall Book Reading with Parents and Friends
Activity Planned by Mrs. White & Mrs. Scherman 

Halloween Parade around the Loop

Parents are invited to come to the classroom and read with their child on Thursday.   The PFA is providing cider and cupcakes for students to enjoy. Coffee and bagels will be available for parents.  Our classroom celebrations are going green so please bring your own coffee mug if you would like to have a cup of joe!    

*Your child may come dressed in his/her costume and change after the parade or they may stay in costume for the remainder of the day.   If your child has a favorite Halloween or Fall book please have them bring it to school.  Students may also bring a towel if they want to sit outside on the lawn to read.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!  

Save the date 
"From Caves to Canvas" Art Museum 
November 9th-
8-8:30 Ms. Tanaka's Class
8:30-9:00  Ms. Thomas' Class
9:00-9:30  Ms. Everest's Class 

Check out our Calder class mobile and wire sculptures! 


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