The classroom is a busy place!  We wrapped up our Journey of Exploration Unit.  Students practiced their skills as cartographers and created  maps of the playground complete with a map key, discoveries and labeled coordinates.  We also enjoyed an expedition right in our own backyard.  Thank you to Ms. Shigehara for being our scout and guide on our hike into the hidden trails on our campus.   We made so many discoveries!  Students discovered crystals, red clay, bird nests, an animal skull, an abandoned car, and much more!   Most importantly, students were thrilled to be exploring nature firsthand!  
Books and Bagels 
It was great to see so many parents and happy readers last week during Books and Bagels.  Thank you so much to everyone who brought in goodies for us to munch on while we read Dr. Seuss books.  A gigantic thank you to Mrs. Ford for designing a spendiferous Seuss inspired picture frame.  It was perfect for picture taking!  

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Student Led Conferences this upcoming Monday!  
We are diving into our new unit-  Commotion in the Ocean
Upcoming important dates
April 5th-  Tide Pool Condo Play (More details coming soon!)
April 11th- Tide Pool Field Trip
Please join us for a fun filled day at the Tide Pools!
Check the Friday envelope for important details
I recently uploaded all of our picture albums-  Check out the picture page to see your child in action!  

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