"From Caves To Canvas"
Central Idea:  People record and express their feelings, beliefs and values through visual art.  
Lines of Inquiry:
The diverse ways in which artists express themselves
Inspiration for the creation of art
The purpose of art
Presentation and Presentation of Art
We started our new unit by sharing art from home and coming up with a class definition for Art. Our class definition for ART is --
Art is a  form of expression that communicates information through skillful creation using materials.  
Then Ms. Franzmeier took us on a magical journey where we  learned about the caves of Lascaux, France and what these cave artists might have been expressing through their art.  We  traveled back in time to create our own cave art.  Check out the video http://www.lascaux.culture.fr/. to see the amazing cave art.   Next, we took a close look at aboriginal art and Ms. Barina, our class expert on this Australian art form, taught us about the design elements and stories behind the art.  Today we used what we learned about aboriginal art and painted designs on rocks.  In the upcoming weeks we will learn about  Leonardo DaVinci, Piet Mondrian, Kandinsky, Picasso, Monet, Warhol and many more artists.  Please ask your child to share about the artists he/she is learning about in class. 
After viewing images of art, students have many inquiries.  They wondered about the artist, where they lived, what inspired them, what the message was behind the art and why they created their art.  We will be trying to answer our inquiries throughout the unit.  
The summative assessment for this unit is for each child to reflect on their favorite artist and artistic style and express a message through their own masterpiece.  You are invited to celebrate with us at the Grade 2 "From Caves to Canvas" Art Gallery on the morning of November 8th where all the masterpieces will be on display.  More information will be sent home about this event.  

Upcoming Curriculum
Language Arts
Reading -Monday with a Mad Genius & Caldecott Books, focusing on sequence of events and making mental images 
Writing- Writing Workshop & Blogging, focusing on different ways to begin our writing and adding details 
Word Study- Beginning our Word Check Up Assessments
Long vowels-  example, a- ai, ay
Geometry and Strategies for Addition and Subtraction
Science & Social Studies
Color and Light
The importance of presenting and preserving art 

Upcoming Dates
You can check the calendar section of our class website and see upcoming events.  
Discoverer's Day No School October October 8th
Teacher Work Day No School October 15th
Field Trip to Honolulu Art Academy October 18th
Halloween Parade 9:00 October 31st 
From Caves to Canvas Art Gallery Nov. 8th  

We now have a set day for Media Center-
If you would like to volunteer our Media Day is N Day from 12-1:00.  Let me know if you are available to help out!  We need help checking books in and out and helping with computer skills.  You can come on a regular basis or whenever you are available.  

We spent Friday afternoon learning about worms and getting everything ready to make our own worm bins next week.  
Students having fun shredding paper with Ms. Dayna!
Learning how to shred paper to make bedding for our worm bins!

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