I can't believe the end of the year is already here...  I just wanted to take a moment to thank  you for your continued support, because of this support It has been a year of amazing growth.  I have enjoyed having your child in class and I will miss each and every one of them.  This year's class is an exceptional group of kind, inquisitive, happy and hardworking children.  Today we said good bye to Zach and Will who are both starting their summer vacations early.  As we went around our community circle and appreciated both of them I was so proud of the way students genuinely articulated the special talents that Zach and Will contributed to our classroom.  Next week, each student will have the opportunity to be appreciated for all of the things that make them special and unique!  As the year comes to a close I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your child's life.  It has been a year of discovery and learning for all of us!  I look forward to our last few days of second grade. 

Here is the  Spirit Week Schedule for next week 
 my I Will Always Remember Poem written for the Tigers.

   Spirit Week Schedule
Monday-  Twin Day (Dress Like A Friend)  & Marble Jar Party, Students voted on a Pool Party so please pack a swimming suit so that we can have fun in the pool!  
Tuesday-  Pajama Day,  Wear pajamas all day!  And Scrub Day- We will clean our desks and pack up our supplies, please bring a bag to school.  
Wednesday- Beach Attire for Splash Into Summer  
Talent Show and Family Picnic, You are invited to have lunch with your child while we watch LJA's Talent Show  11-12 in front of the Wang Auditorium 

I Will Always Remember

Allison’s excitement for inquiry, perfectly polished
work and stories about her busy weekends,

 Amber’s long and detailed stories, love for crochet
and ability to think in unique and different ways,

 Catie’s detailed and colorful illustrations,
her perseverance and the way she keeps herself balanced by doing triathlons,

 Elena’s ability to remain focused, her confidence when
she was a risk taker during our Mystery Skype sessions, and how she gets along
with everyone,

 Ellie’s happy smile when everything is going okay, her
love for her family and her improvement in her spelling, 

Frey’s performance in our Tide Pool Condo Play and his
love for the Secrets of Droon books, 

Isabella’s never ending energy, love of nature, and
entertaining blogposts, 

Jack’s huge improvement in his reading, his lesson on
slideshows and his many interesting blog entries,

 Jordan’s love of Skylanders, basketball and his
perfectly polished work,

 Kailyn’s passion for fashion, the beautiful
illustrations that accompany her stories, and her sense of humor,

 Kaine’s mathematical ability, speedy math facts, and
happy smile, 

Keaton’s cool dance moves, love of all things Harry
Potter and pet stories, 

Liam’s passion for golf, his stupendous ability to
solve math problems and the word choice in his number story, 

Merrick’s love and knowledge about surfing, eagerness
for a math challenge and reading fluency improvement,

 Noah’s love for the game of soccer, his caring
attitude towards his sister, and his mental math skills,

 Will’s ability to quickly make new friends, and his
awesome reading and writing skills,

 AND Zach’s love for all things having to do with
technology, his creative and animated iMovie math presentation and the
improvement in his reading. 
It has been a tigerific year!  Have a great summer
and good luck in third grade.  
I will miss you!  
Love, Mrs. Thomas & Benny  
May 2013 

Student Blog Update

I am so happy that we were risk takers this year and piloted student blogging in the Lower School.  I am amazed at what students can do when given the opportunity, tools and time to create!  
Please check your child's blog so you can see their Summative Assessment Math or Chaos iMovie Presentation. Students collaborated to create their own iMovies!   Surprise them with a comment! (If your child doesn't have their iMovie on their blog check back next week, there are a few students whose movies aren't showing up on their blogs...)  
Celebrate your child's growth by looking back at your child's very first blog entry.  They have all truly grown as writers and are on their way to becoming responsible digital citizens!  
Encourage your child to keep up their blog this summer.  Blogging is a terrific way to practice writing skills, communicate with friends by leaving comments on other blogs, and practice responsible digital citizenship.  I will check in occasionally to see what they are up to!  


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