How We Organize Ourselves 
Math or Chaos
Central Idea:  Math is a system that organizes our world by providing order. 

We started our new unit this week by brainstorming what we know and like about math.  Here are some initial inquiries about math-
Where did numbers come from? 
Who thought of math first?
What was the first number?  
Why did they think of math?  

We watched The Story of One, an informative video about the history of math.  Ask your child to tell you about the evolution of the number one.  How did it start?  Why did they need numbers? Which culture  has a number for one and everything else is just considered many?  Where does our number system come from?  
This week we look at the strands of math and go on a school scavenger hunt to discover where math is used to organize our day.  

For the summative assessment we will visit Kailua and identify places where math is used in the community to organize and provide order.  Students will photograph the math they see and then use these photographs to put together an informative video.  

  Cassie Barina, an LJA middle schooler and bassoon enthusiast visited our class and shared with us the importance of math in music.  Watch the video to hear Cassie skillfully play this unique instrument!  
Our Skype sessions continue!  This week we skyped a school from Mexico City. Their English skills were impressive however we could hear their accent and this became one of our clues.  We  worked hard to discover where their school is located.  We used maps of the world, time zone maps, and our iPads.  We will have another Skype session with them this week to ask questions and confirm our research.  
We are looking forward to May Day this Wednesday.  The performance begins at 8:30.  Please have your child wear green clothing and a fresh lei.  We will also be watching the performance so have your child bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle.  It is going to be a great day!  


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