Classroom Updates-  
Unit News-
We are working on our summative assessments for this unit.  Students are creating posters that teach friendship tips.  Students must use an image, photograph, drawing, painting,...  that shows the importance of a character trait or attitude and how it affects relationships.  This image must have a sentence that gives a complete explanation of what is happening and how it affects friendships.  These posters will be laminated and put up around our school campus.  Check out the rubric that is below.  

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Painting Stones with a Message of Peace for International Peace Day 

Language Arts Update-  
We are focusing on how to write an organized paragraph.  Topic sentences, details and a closing are all parts of a paragraph.  
Students are also finishing up their first blog post.  All parts of the blog posts are completed by students.  They are applying what they have learned about writing and paragraphing, typing skills and working with a blogging template (adding titles, pictures, etc...)  The blog is an authentic way for all of us to see the progression of learning.  Please be patient and encourage your blogger!
Some students are excited and want to blog from home.  This is wonderful, just make sure to have your child include Home Entry in the title of the blog post.   
Please update the reading log portion of the student planner.  If your child reads 400 minutes in one month they will be invited to a special Reading Rocks Lunch in the classroom.  
Please have your child study math facts at least 4 times a week.  On Thursday the math game that is sent home is meant to be a fun way to practice facts so please record it on the fact chart in the homework folder.  I am assessing students on a regular basis and many are making outstanding progress!  

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