The second grade pedologists are digging our new unit, Dirt Made My Lunch.  We have been busy investigating and observing earth materials.   Play dough models of the inside of the earth along with the Layers of the Earth Rap Song (go to the "Websites on Sqworl" tab on the top to see websites and songs to go with our Sharing the Planet unit)  are helping students understand planet Earth from the inside to the crust.  Our petrologists (scientists who study rocks) classified rocks and put them through a series of tests to determine hardness, lustre, weight, etc...  We used sieves next to sift our rocks and look at the different sizes of rocks ranging from pebbles to silt.  This week we will make mudshakes, horizon snacks  and look at the role of decomposers in healthy soil.   
Our lines of inquiry will inform and guide us as we look at ways we can act responsibly and care for soil.  Please check your child's blog for their inquiries about this unit!  

The summative task for this unit is for students to synthesize the information learned and create an informative how to brochure that will teach others how to conserve and maintain earth materials.  
Some examples are - How to; Compost, Vermicompost, Stop Erosion, Stop Land Pollution, Recycle, and Take care of a Garden

HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE December 12th at 4:00 
Students are busy practicing for the Holiday Performance.  

Upcoming Curriculum-
Language Arts
Reading- Identifying the features of nonfiction text
Writing- 6 Trait Focus* Word Choice, Ideas*
Descriptive Elf, Creating an informative how to brochure
Grammar- Daily Oral Language (editing marks, punctuation, spelling, etc...)
Word Study-  Review of all word patterns learned so far, Word Check Ups will always be on Friday from now on
Strategies for 2 and 3 digit Addition and Subtraction Problems
Subtraction Fact Fluency 
Science & Social Studies
Properties of earth materials, worm bin investigations, the role of decomposers, food chain, and the garden cycle
How we can conserve and maintain earth materials to sustain life

*Parent Teacher Conferences this Monday.  Thank you for using the sign up genius form.  I am looking forward to sharing and celebrating your child's progress with you!   

HPU nursing students visited our class today and taught us the importance of eating healthy.  We learned about healthy foods and healthy bodies.  We learned that if we eat healthy foods our hearts will be able to pump easily.  They gave us each a glass of water, some pudding and a straw.  When we sipped the water it was smooth, easy and not too hard, just like a healthy heart works.  We tried to sip pudding through the straw, we did it but it was super hard, just like how hard our heart has to work if we eat lots of unhealthy foods. They did a great job teaching us how to stay healthy! 
Remember to sign up for parent teacher conferences by clicking on the green sign up link on the right side of this post.  
Thank you so much for attending our 2nd Grade Art Gallery!  Your docents were  proud to share their new knowledge and talk about the many impressive masterpieces on display.  Many students reflected that this was their favorite unit so far because they learned about so many artists and artistic styles.  Students communicated their messages through a great variety of styles!  I was so proud of their hard work!  Click on the picture page to see more pictures of the show.  Thank you so much to Ms. Ferandin for adding her pictures to our site.  Please visit your child's blog to see their color poem and a short reflection on the unit.  
We will "dig" into our new unit this week!  More details forthcoming!    


Turkey Trot is Friday the 16th at 1:00.  Wear Green!  Bring spare change to donate to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.  

Parent Teacher Conferences December 3rd-  I am looking forward to sharing your child's progress with you!  I have created a button on the top right side of this site.  Click on the green Sign Up Genius.  Once you choose your time slot -sign up and put your name where it says comment.  

No School Fall Break 
November 16th - November 25th

Holiday Program K-2
December 12th  4:00-5:00


We enjoyed a refreshing birthday treat today!

We are looking forward to being your docents tomorrow at the Grade 2 Art Gallery.  The masterpieces are stunning!  Please meet us at the classroom at 8:30 and we will escort you  to the Art Gallery.  

Curriculum Update-  

Word study check up on oa and ow words will be Friday.  There is a word list on that students may go to, just search for spelling list.  Put my name in and look for Kathy Thomas at Le Jardin Academy. 

We are finishing up our geometry unit this week.

End of trimester writing assessment coming up on Friday. 

New Unit begins on Tuesday! 
Conference Schedule will be up next week.  Check back to secure your spot!  

  *Reminder no school on Monday! 
"Caves to Canvas"  Art Gallery this Thursday!  Our classroom has been transformed into a busy art studio.  Students are working hard to create their masterpieces.  Your child is excited to be your docent and share their expertise with you this Thursday.  Our scheduled class time is from 8:30-9 but the Art Gallery opens at 8 and will stay open through the morning so if you need to come at a different time please let me know.   We are looking forward to sharing our art with you!  

Halloween Fun!

Thank you so much to Ms. Scherman and Ms. White for planning a fun filled Fall Observance last week.  It was great to see so many happy readers in the morning.  The students enjoyed decorating cookies, eating all of the snacks and playing games before the Halloween Parade.  It was a fun filled day!  
Monsters Picasso Style
Thank you PFA for the pumpkin craft!
Click on the picture tab on the top of this page to see more pictures!  

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