We are working on our summative assessments. Students first reflected on how our character and attitude can affect relationships and chose a learner profile/attitude that is important to a relationship. They created an image either by drawing,painting or taking a photograph that showed the attitude. Some students used the pic collage app on our iPads to design their image. Students also wrote about their image. They are putting this all together to create a poster that will be displayed on campus. Students are looking forward to sharing their posters with each other and Ms. Shigehara and Mr. Allan on Monday. Look for your child's poster around campus .
*This post was composed on the iPad - if you download the weebly app your child can blog at home using an iPad. Photos are easy to insert. Just take a photo or video on the iPad and then upload it to the blogpost. 
Super easy and fun!
Classroom Updates-  
Unit News-
We are working on our summative assessments for this unit.  Students are creating posters that teach friendship tips.  Students must use an image, photograph, drawing, painting,...  that shows the importance of a character trait or attitude and how it affects relationships.  This image must have a sentence that gives a complete explanation of what is happening and how it affects friendships.  These posters will be laminated and put up around our school campus.  Check out the rubric that is below.  

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Painting Stones with a Message of Peace for International Peace Day 

Language Arts Update-  
We are focusing on how to write an organized paragraph.  Topic sentences, details and a closing are all parts of a paragraph.  
Students are also finishing up their first blog post.  All parts of the blog posts are completed by students.  They are applying what they have learned about writing and paragraphing, typing skills and working with a blogging template (adding titles, pictures, etc...)  The blog is an authentic way for all of us to see the progression of learning.  Please be patient and encourage your blogger!
Some students are excited and want to blog from home.  This is wonderful, just make sure to have your child include Home Entry in the title of the blog post.   
Please update the reading log portion of the student planner.  If your child reads 400 minutes in one month they will be invited to a special Reading Rocks Lunch in the classroom.  
Please have your child study math facts at least 4 times a week.  On Thursday the math game that is sent home is meant to be a fun way to practice facts so please record it on the fact chart in the homework folder.  I am assessing students on a regular basis and many are making outstanding progress!  
It was great to see so many of you  at Parent Night!  It was a fun night and I hope you found it informative.   Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.   Thank you to Ms. White and Ms. Scherman for volunteering to be our room parents.   I appreciate your continued support as we learn the routines and get back into school mode.    

You can now subscribe to this newsletter and get news of updates emailed.  Just put your email in the subscribe block on the right side of my blog.  By subscribing you will automatically be notified of any updates.  A calendar and picture page are on their way!  

We enjoyed several sessions in our new media center last week.  First we learned that a blog comes from weblog, which is a log of ideas and writing that can be shared.  
Students then looked at sample blogs on paper and made comments to practice appropriate netiquette.  

  Students were thrilled to be the first LJA class to get their hands on our new Mac laptops.  We worked hard to get our blogs up and running.  Students named their blog and picked the design for their blog page.  Please click on the Student Blog/Portfolio tab and then look for your child's blog.  Click on their blog name  put in the password and check out their blog design!  Next week we will put in our first blog entry.  

Buddy Bookmarking Fun 
On Friday we met our 5th Grade Buddies and worked on bookmarks.  Next up, we will interview our buddies on the topic of friendship.  Students will come up with their interview questions and then meet again for an interview session.  

Picture Day is  Wednesday.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend!  

Pictures of Bloggers at Work! 


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