I am so proud of the progress students made this year in reading.  Studies show that students who continue to read during the summer continue to make gains in their reading comprehension.  Students who do not read lose gains made during the school year and take time during the fall to catch up with their reading peers.
Make reading fun this summer and nurture a love for reading! 
Summer Reading Tips-
*Encourage reading every day
*Start a Book Club with your child/Read a book together and talk about the book 
*Reinforce and practice decoding  strategies like- flip the sound, read around the word and go back to it using context clues, chunk the word, etc...  
*Practice comprehension strategies by having your child stop periodically and tell you what has happened in the story- Ask them Who? What? Why? 
*Listen to audio books to reinforce story plot and themes in stories, it is also great for modeling fluency
*Model reading at home, talk about what you are reading
*Create a Family Reading Challenge/How many books can your family read this summer?  
*Visit Wonderopolis (On our Sqworl Page)  
There is a lot to Read and Wonder about on this amazing resource plus they just added an audio component!
*Find a great book and read out loud to your child 
Celebrate Reading This Summer!

We are enjoying our last few weeks of second grade.  Thank you so much for sending in goodies for our Garden Party!  The salad was delicious and it was great to see  students enjoying such a healthy snack.    
Curriculum News-
Unit of Inquiry- We are continuing to work on our summative assessments for our Math or Chaos unit.  Students are enjoying this creative technology project.  Look for the completed assessments on your child's blog at the end of this week.    
Math- We are continuing to practice strategies for adding and subtracting large numbers and we are finishing up our last unit on measurement.  
Writing Workshop-Students rolled the dice, came up with 3 numbers and incorporated these numbers into creative stories.  We will be publishing our stories this week.  
Word Study- Focus on high frequency words.  Students will practice words at school and have a final assessment the last week.   
Reading- I am so proud of the progress the students have made as readers.    Their fluency and comprehension skills have greatly improved.  Please continue to have your child read during the summer, studies show that students who continue reading during summer time continue to grow in reading skills while students that take the summer off lose some of the gains they have made during the school year and must spend time catching up in the fall.   A brochure with book suggestions will be sent home soon.  
 Homework for the rest of the school year is to read and log minutes on The Reading Challenge worksheet.  We will see who can read the most minutes and  how many minutes we can accumulate as a class.  Please initial one of the books on your child's Reading Challenge worksheet for every 20 minutes they read.  
Students also need to continue to study their math facts 15 minutes a day.   
Students who have unfinished school work will bring their work home to complete as homework.  
Enjoy the last few weeks of the school year!  
No school next Monday.  
Enjoy the 3 day weekend!
Yesterday was a day of math discovery in Kailua.  We visited Coldstone, Foodland, Pali Lanes and First Hawaiian Bank.  Students had their iPads and snapped photographs of how math organized the place they visited.  Next, we will use these photographs to create a presentation featuring math in our community. We will be working on this fun summative assessment in the media center.   Ask your child about the math they spotted around Kailua!  
What a beautiful May Day!  It was a fabulous program and the students were  excited  to share their message of aloha.  
I am so proud of the way they performed with such confidence and joy , thank you for your support at home.  I am sure you can sing the Molokai Slide right along with them...  Thank you also for the beautiful lei, the smell of fragrant flowers filled our classroom all day and my home this evening...    

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