As part of our summative task we will be going on a hike tomorrow afternoon.  Please make sure your child has tennis shoes on and pants or shorts. 
Marble Jar Celebration!  We enjoyed our pajama/ movie /popcorn time!  Thank you so much to Zach for making home popped popcorn for all of us.  It was scrumptious!  Thank you also to Zach and Kailyn's mom for supplying us with other delicious snacks.  We had so much fun and we are already thinking ahead to our next Marble Jar celebration! 
Mystery Skype Session #2
We skyped our second school last week.  We  had to work hard to put their clues together and come up with where we thought they were located.  Check out the Skype bulletin board during Student Led Conferences and read all about it! 
Thank you for sending in postcards.  This week we will write postcards to our new Mystery Skype friends. 
We are celebrating National Read Across America Day, Friday March 1st from 7:45-8:30.  
 Please join us in the classroom on Friday morning to celebrate reading and the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  
Snuggle up with your favorite reader and bring your favorite Dr. Seuss book or read one from our class library. 
We need help in supplying a morning snack for all of our readers.  If you would be willing to bring in bagels, cream cheese, butter, juice, fruit or anything else please contact our room parents - Yan Scherman at Rosa White at  We are looking forward to seeing you next Friday!   

Student Led Conferences
The student led conference schedule is ready.    Please go to the green sign up button on the right of the website and pick a slot for March 11th.  I am looking forward to seeing you!   

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day Celebration.  Thank you to Ms. Scherman, Ms. White and Ms. Ford for planning the celebration.  Thank you also to Ms. Hicks and Ms. Price Nakagawa for helping out.  
Your child has a special Valentine's Day Message for you on their blog.    Please go to student blogs, find your child's blog  and put in the password. Your child will be thrilled if you comment on their message.   Enjoy! 
Our unit is well underway and we are busy exploring our world.  Students are reading about Lewis and Clark and other explorers.  Taking on the role of explorers we are also learning about map features, making our own maps and recording our new discoveries in our exploration journals.  
We were thrilled to explore our world through a Skype session with another IB school in South Carolina.  First we explored maps and brainstormed clues about Hawaii.  Each class gave 4 clues about where their school is located and then we researched with maps, globes, and the internet.  We held another Skype session and confirmed our inference that the Mystery School was in Hilton Head, South Carolina; an island with alligators, deer, squirrels and mossy oak trees.  We discovered that we had a lot in common with our new Skype friends.  We both live on islands, have marble jar celebrations, conduct research with maps and more... 
 I have lined up more Mystery Skype sessions with other schools around the world.   We will have a postcard exchange with each Mystery School.  Please have your child bring in 4 postcards from Hawaii.   
The Windward Aerospace Lab was full of opportunities for exploration.  Thank you to Ms. White, Mr. Ferandin and Zach's grandparents for chaperoning our expedition!  
This week we conducted our own mini exploration with our fifth grade buddies.  Acting as explorers we observed the environment and  found caterpillars, centipedes, graffiti, and more...   
Upcoming Events
March 1st - 7:45-8:30
Books and Bagels
  All are invited to join us in the classroom to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day .  Bring your favorite Dr. Seuss Book! 
March 11th-
Student Led Conferences- Sign up will be available on our class website soon
March 15th 
Family Fun Night
Today we celebrated being in school for 100 days.  We worked collaboratively to put together 100 piece puzzles.  We focused on phrases and words we used when we are working in a group.  Here are a few student quotes-  "Wow, you are smart!"  "Thanks for helping me!"  "Here I think you need this!"  "We did it, great teamwork!"  and finally "Wow, we finished let's go see if we can help someone else!"  By being caring communicators we were demonstrating the Learner Profile!  
Next we predicted how far we could walk if we only walked 100 steps.  We headed outside and took 100 steps.  We had to draw a map of our 100 step journey.  
Then we made our 100 day glasses so we could visit the kdg. and 3rd grade classrooms.  We were on a search for 100 words.  We categorized our words into 3 or fewer syllables and words that had 4 or more syllables.  We made a prediction that the third grade classes would have more words that had 4 or more syllables and we were right!  We also predicted that there would be more words in the kdg. classes.  Once we were in the kdg. rooms students looked around and said-  
"Wow it is WORD HEAVEN in here!"   
Finally we put all of our snacks together and  enjoyed our delicious 100 Day Friendship Snack! 
It was a great day!  

Reminder- Field Trip to the Bishop Museum this FRIDAY!  Please bring a lunch from home.   

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